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“Bobbo Byrnes has long proven himself as a key voice on the international Americana scene. On his new solo album “Motel Americana”, the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist continues to successfully explore roots rock and alt-country, focusing on the slightly quieter and more nuanced regions of Americana.” ~Robert Kinsler, Music News Nashville

"What a great time! King Of The Tramps are wonderful guys who play honest roots music that had the entire room engaged with their raucous energy!"  
 Heather Allshouse, Swing Station, Fort Collins, CO

Byrnes and Partridge are American music. They embody its roots, tell its stories and live it its lives.    
Bobbo Byrnes has been touring the U.S. and Europe and lived on two different coasts most of his adult life and is still trying to make sense of it all through songs and stories.
Todd Partridge is a son of the middle border, the vast Midwest  prairie that splits the nation at its geographical center, near the  mighty Mississippi.
Bobbo Byrnes is not a musician who remains still very long. Between The  Fallen Stars, Riddle and The Stars, and Solo performances, Byrnes plays more than 150 shows every year. That being the case, it's no surprise that from Billerica to Berlin, his songs are born from a life on the road.  You need look no farther than "Heart like Mine", in which he explores the theme by singing about the roads that take him from show to show.
Two Sides to This Town is Bobbo's latest album and is a product of Byrnes' busy touring schedule. However not all of the songs are road songs. "Angelia" is a contemplative song, and the one from which the album takes its title. "I named it Two Sides To This Town in a sort of admission to the  division within the U.S. at the moment, and that I am looking for answers to that division. 'Angelia' is the muse, the spark that ignites your desire to live a better life and look beyond your own front yard."
Performing on 6 & 12 string guitars is the norm for a Bobbo show as is a  sing along or two, some broken strings as well as a story or five. He is trying to stop his addiction to climbing on tables but sometimes the mood strikes and he can't be stopped.
With 8 albums of original music under his belt, Todd has proven that he has a unique voice.  What kind of music is it? Wandering Music. Whiskey Gospel.  American Roots music. Borrowing from the blues, American folk and country, classic rock and Americana, the music in Iowa has a unique flavor and feeling. Todd grew up in the vast, rough, Midwestern prairie, surrounded by old barns and cornfields.  Where hard working Irish, German and Scandinavian immigrants elbowed out the French and Indians or a chance to cut farm ground out of the wild prairie.  Iowa is often called the middle border because it separates the busy East from the wide open West and the cold North from the sweaty South.   “I guess we don’t feel like we belong to any American cultural region and have had  to cut our music out of the same prairie fields.” Todd said.
The Todd show is a foot stompin’, hand clappin’ rock and roll gospel, with heartfelt ballads and sing-a-longs.  Together, with a myriad of influences, life experiences, and stories Todd says “I believe that  music can heal and take away sadness.  I believe music can bring joy, if only for a moment. This is the reason I write and play my music.  No matter where the venue is big, or small,  I will always give everything I have to entertain the audience, and to make them feel better than they did when they came to the show.  
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Das Duo Byrnes and Partridge steht für amerikanischen Musik pur. Der rastlose Bobbo Byrnes hat mit Byrnes and Partridge schon seine vierte Band im Stall. Allen gemein ist der typische Americana Sound und Songs, die von seinen Reisen quer durch die USA erzählen.
Todd Partridge ist eigentlich Frontman des Quartetts King of the Tramps. Mit einer Mischung aus Blues, Roots und Country Rock kreieren sie einen Sound, den die Kritiker als „Whiskey Gospel“ bezeichnen und der den Hörer in die Mitte der siebziger Jahre versetzt.
Byrnes und Partridge lernten sich 2018 auf einer Tour ihres Labels „Songs & Whispers“ kennen und hatten sofort einen Draht zu einander – sind sie doch beide leidenschaftliche Rampensäue mit gleichen musikalischen Vorbildern. Schon zum Ende der Tour hatten die Beiden etliche Songs erarbeitet und gehen 2019 auf ihre erste gemeinsame Tour. 
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