"SONGS & WHISPERS" - MONTH 08/2019 (01.08. - 31.08.2019)


Kaurna Cronin could very quickly spark a new genre and sound across the face of music - Fortitude Magazine, UK
"Mit scheinbarer Leichtigkeit und großer Spielfreude erzeugt der Künstler eine ganze CD voller Liebeslieder. Denkt man sich die Folkanteile weg, wären die Titel intelligent genug für Paul Simon oder Sting. Jeder Song ist radiotauglich, ohne daduch in den Mainstream abzuwandern. Manches Gitarrensolo klingt nach Clapton, die Hammondorgel nach Brian Auger". - FOLKER 08/2017

“Your ears are filled with the sound of a harmonica, an ambling bass, delightful percussion, and a combination of husky and delicate voices. You can’t help but smile.” - The Ripe
“Through stories of survival, escape, redemption and regret, tunesmith Troy Petty pens lyrics that sting as well as soothe atop a flawless mix of Indie and polished alternative pop.” – Jim Hanke, Forest Bride PR

“Sonnenberg … wonderful romantic, hypnotic acoustic, beautiful and timeless..”

(Akustic Gitarre,Germany)

“…the lyrics and melodies are magical, so individual yet like they are meant to be, not forced,

timeless, they flow beautifully not like anything I have recently heard and the CD is a very

special distillation of Sonnenberg and Geoff Davies…” - (Chumki Banerjee,MudKiss)

“…the surprise with Sonnenberg is…how directly this unaffected melodic folk-pop

goes straight to the listeners. It’s like hearing completely unmediated music…all happening very

close to your beating heart...the governing spirit is indie folk with a twist…it’s all intimate without
being cloying, pleasurably nocturnal and more than a little bit wonderful…” - (The Word)

“unusual….amazing…like a mantra…” - (BBC Radio Merseyside, Billy Butler)
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