"S&W" Festival at Hafen Casino, 19.10.2018

Festival at Hafencasino

This post was written by our intern Marie Luisa Grigull.

On Friday evening 19.October 2018, Songs & Whispers presented a Festival at Hafen Casino, Bremen.It was a very pleasant evening with great artists. There were a lot of people in the small room of the Hafen Casino. Heiko Grein moderated the evening. The owner wanted to retire and close the this restaurant, but Heiko had worked hard to keep Hafen Casino going. His plan worked out, so that this concert is not the last one.

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James Houlahan (USA)

James Houlahan from the USA open the festival. He played Songs from his new Album. He enchanted the Public with mouth organ, guitar and his beautiful voice. James Houlahan was touring with Matt Van. AFter this gig, James e drove to Zeven for his second show of the evening.

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Matt Van (USA)

Matt Van took over from James and played touching Songs. His Voice is very pleasent and sensitive. Matt Van told us that he likes Germany very much and is very thankful that he could make a tour throughout Germany.

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Axel Kruse and his band (DE)
After a little break, Axel Kruse played songs from his new album "Fields" with his guitar. Dora and Till accompanied him with their powerful voices. The people were very pleased.
Axel Kruse had his first gig for Songs & Whispers was at the Hafencasino and that was 10 years ago. Since then he had about 100 gigs for Songs & Whispers

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Pi Jacobs (USA)

Pi Jacobs`show was final one of this festival. Pi Jacobs and James Houlahan both come from the same region in Los Angeles. They met that evening after a long time again and that in Germany.   Her Songs goes in the country direction, so it was a successful conlusion. It was a varied concert, that ended after 4 very exciting hours.

Pics and videos taken by Marie Luisa Grigull.