"SONGS & WHISPERS" - MONTH 10/2018 (28.09.2018 - 21.10.2018)


Warrants repeated listening, and will hopefully expose James Houlahan to a broader
audience hungry for adventurous folk music.” (Americana UK)

“Near the top of must-see and hear indie singer-songwriters.” (Glide Magazine)

“Original and noteworthy.” (No Depression)

“James seems to be a veritable encyclopedia of folk music, ranging from traditional to futuristic, comforting to wonderfully strange…his entries are extraordinary no matter which folk/American direction he goes in. This is the kind of music that any craver of pure songwriting prowess is bound to enjoy." (Music Morsels)

"If you like Tom Waits, Neil Young and Townes Van Zandt, then chances are big you will become a fan of James Houlahan." (BillyBop)


“…Quiet intensity, some brooding emotionality. This is the kind of song you play over and over again when you’re not sure if you’re falling in love or out of love” – Kurt Kroeber, on ‘Favorite Dream.’

"From the most tender whisper, swelling to an anthemic build, Matt's songs encompass a wide range of thoughts and emotions, drawing every listener in. Combining unique poetry, a dynamic voice, and melodies that stay in your head for days, it all comes together in a recipe which has everything you want, yet always leaves you wanting more." Lewis Knudsen

“Simply cannot ignore how graceful your vocals are and how much emotion you put into your words.” M. Alejandro
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