"SONGS & WHISPERS" - MONTH 09/2018 (01.09.2018 - 30.09.2018)

"She'll blow up next year. She's the new Rachel Platten or something, watch out!" -
Valentine in the Morning on LA's 104.3 MyFM

“Kris Angelis is a true talent who comes all the way from Los Angeles. Not only does she possess heavenly vocal tones but she also knows how to write formidable original compositions.” - Music Is My Radar Blog

“I could easily sum Pieces That Were Stolen in 2 words: spellbinding and uplifting.”- Music is My Radar Blog

"Solid songwriting. Thatʼs all. This is the most difficult of crafts and what separates the best artists from the sea of good. Kris is one of those rare talents who can transport you into the life of her song narrative. She crafts pop tracks that are poppy enough for the mainstream but creative and ambitious enough to win over a more indie of audiences.” - Ear To The Ground Music Blog


“Elevates indie rock” — Boston Herald

“Acoustically brooding one moment, explosive and epic the next” — Fort Stockton Pioneer

"A compelling songwriter...beautiful, even cathartic. ” — Worcester Telegram


‘heavy duty boogie in some sort of order ...sort of Bluesy .....but not.....sort of Gospel but not......I'd describe them as Bad Ass Hombre Boogie’ - Robert Mark Smith (Bob Smith & Demob)

‘We call it rural dirty blues with its feet deep in the Mississippi mud of the 30s and 40s. But its box-fresh and right smack bang up-to-(2017) date. This is the same earthy guttural sound that was taken north to Chicago in the 40s by the likes of Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters and Elmore James. But there’s more than a nod in the direction of Son House and Robert Johnson’s Delta juke-joint ramblings going on here.’ - John Drummond (Brewery Blues)

‘I’ve never seen a better male singer in the flesh’ – Lee Hyett (BITW, Pure Evil)

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