"SONGS & WHISPERS" - MONTH 07/2018 (01.07.2018 - 31.07.2018)


"Singer/Songwriter-Americana, der keines Plan Bs bedarf." - Country Jukebox

"I enjoy Bobbo's music very much, it's much better now than when he lived with me." - Bobbo's Mother

"The music is authentic, rootsy and beautifully constructed; it's familiar and fresh all at once." - Huntington Beach Independent

"(The music has a) sense of an America where lights are burning dimly in the midst of cold emptiness." – OC Weekly


 “Instantly captivating.” - The Independent

“Watch this woman, she’ll go far.”
- BBC Introducing

  "....manages to accomplish the obscure split between Norah Jones and Beth Orton. “Jealous Angels” has almost the power of a Soap&Skin song."   
 - Rolling Stone Magazine, Germany

"The great part about it is that she can pull back in a delicate manner where just as it approaches fey range, she pushes it back up into powerful registers" - Folkworld
"But the strong storytellers among the singer songwriters do exist!" - Lie in the Sound



Kaurna Cronin could very quickly spark a new genre and sound across the face of music - Fortitude Magazine, UK

"Cronin delivers a nice album filled with ten killer tracks. All Killers, no fillers is something that certainly would fit for this album. Cronin brings in the best of traditions songs that are pleasant to hear and brings a certain joie de vivre to the listener." - billybop.be

"Kaurna Cronin wird von einigen gar als Gründer eines neuen Genres verhandelt. "Modern Folk" wenn man so will. Mit Gitarre, Mundharmonika und satten Drums bewaffnet, belebt der Aussie jedenfalls nicht zum ersten Mal die hiesigen Clubs. […] Folk's not dead - das hört man definitiv!" - laut.de

'Der einundzwanzigjährige Songschreiber aus dem australischen Adelaide bewegt sich mit seinem Indiefolk auf der Grenze zum Pop. Mit hingehauchter Stimme, akustischer Gitarre und federnden Schlagzeug erzählt er Geschichten in leicht sphärischer Anmutung.' - Folker 

“Wicked Mountain is a collection of well-written, energetic Southren country, roots rock songs with a lot of potential and deserve the attention of all rock lovers!“ - Eric Schuurmans, RootsTime Music, Netherlands

"This is genre defying music and rolls on like a freight train.. This is a must buy release!"

Blues Matters Magazine, United Kingdom

"Cumplir con el Diablo is a brilliant record and far to good to be a hidden gem!"
Maximum Volume Music

"What a great time! King Of The Tramps are wonderful guys who play honest roots music that had the entire room engaged with their raucous energy!" 

Heather Allshouse, Swing Station, Fort Collins, CO

"Blurring the lines between indie rock and folk, Boston singer/songwriter Nico Rivers exudes a raw passion through his music." - Rob Duguay - Vanyaland (2017)

"Nico and crew manage to span a host of landscapes through their exploration of differing sounds and emotions."- Brian Carroll - Red Line Roots (2017)

“Nico's performance is electrifying - with songs & lyrics that are so honest that every performance feels intimate.” Conor Loughman -The Brain Trust (2015)


“America 2.0 is a song-cycle about the ‘idea’ of America…What is this place we call America?...Who are these people we call Americans?...The idea of America has, for over two centuries, drawn the hopes, dreams and aspirations of mankind to these shores…Let us go then, you and I, and begin-again to explore the place(s) peopled with that idea… “ Rootstime, BE


“The songwriter is adamant that one should never put a shelf life on their dreams and these principles are reflected in his graceful tales of morality and perseverance.” - The Vinyl District

“…making music in the vein of 1960s and ’70s songsmiths, but also recalling hot up-and-comers like Father John Misty.”  PopDose

“Melodic with topics familiar to just about everyone, Realizations and Declarations Vol 2 is a strong follow-up to Krokoff’s 2012 EP. Bouncing effortlessly between rock, folk and country sounds with an undertone of pop, Scott Krokoff offers a can do vibe that will resonate with listeners.” IndieMinded


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