"SONGS & WHISPERS" - CIRCUIT 05/2018 (01.05.2018 - 31.05.2018)


In life and in art, Carrington MacDuffie is an adventurer.  A New York native who now splits her time between Austin and Seattle – after a decade beachside in Los Angeles – she travels the globe and joyfully explores diverse universes of thought and practice.  Whether making music, writing poetry, voicing works of literature, piloting a fixed-wing airplane, or savoring the zen-like concentration of target shooting, she is led by her passion for creativity, and her endless fascination with exploring both the world outside and her inner muses.

“Carrington is an iconoclastic songwriter who gives a beguiling live performance.” - Mike Beck, Access Film Music

The upcoming release from Son of the Velvet Rat, Dorado, rides through the dusty California desert with haunting folk noir melodies. [11/28/2016]- Paste Magazine, US

"They pull together spots of light and hope in the midst of a great ragged emptiness and allow these bright moments to shape the rhythmic momentum that propels the song forward." [11/25/2016]—Joshua Pickard , Nooga, US

"Dorado is truly the first great album of 2017." [2/2/2017]Eleni P. Austin, Coachella Valley Weekly
There is a deep and soulful purity to their music. Georg is not just a lyricist. He is a songwriter’s songwriter. There is a haunting beauty in each and every song that stimulates intrigue." (Coachella Valley Weekly, CA)

„Velvet Rat’s sound is where punk rock, folk tunes, and French chansons intersect.” (Maggie Downs, Palm Springs Life, CA/US)

“SotVR's songs are thoughtful with deep rootsy arragements that allow for flexible flourishes from the players." (FolkWorld #47, UK/Germany)

„Das ist hier alles so innig und berührend und von einer solch unantastbaren Würde, dass man weinen möchte vor lauter Zustimmung und Bewegtheit." (Fritz Ostermayer, Fm4)
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