"SONGS & WHISPERS" @ Kanal 21 (TV concert series)

"SONGS & WHISPERS" goes KANAL 21 (www.kanal-21.de)

TV channel KANAL 21 is offering "S&W" - ARTISTS a professional multi camera TV production and broadcasting opportunity. KANAL 21 are recording a concert live in their studio and broadcasting it to 11 million people in Germany in the Cologne area via the cable network nrwision. Please look up this video for an example of Echo Bloom's Fernsehkonzert or watch it below.

THE DEAL: There are always two acts on the bill performing in front of 100 people in the studio maximum. In most cases it is a local band and one "S&W" - ACT. Kanal 21 is charging an entrance fee of € 10,-. The money is used for covering costs only. The need to break even € 1000,-. If they don´t cover € 1000,-, bands have to step in and have to cover the difference. KANAL 21 is not making any profit! The maximum investment / loss per band is € 500 in case you are not selling a single ticket and nobody is visiting the show at all.

In return for your investment your performance will be broadcasted up to 11 million people via the local cable network www.nrwision.de. Also you get an edited version of the concert afterwards too.
If you provide a hard drive or USB stick of 64GB capacity, multi - track audio might be provided. This opportunity is not obligate available and needs to be double checked prior to the show with staff on location.

A) Physical tickets are provided through "S&W" for your KANAL 21 show. Please promote and sell them at the live shows you are playing prior the Kanal 21 event.

B) In addition you can promote online ticket sales through your social media channels too of course. Please point your fans towards www.konticket.de and get them to purchase tickets. Please make your fans mention your artist name when orderin where ever possible so these ticket sales will be allocated to your bill.

C) Also reservations by email are possible under: fernsehkonzert@songsandwhispers.com too. Please make sure your fans are mentioning your artist name in the reservation emails, so these ticket sales will be allocated to your bill. Reserved tickets can be picked up at box office.

Please promote upcoming shows of your label mates too:

01.06.2017 - Thursday - KAURNA CRONIN - (www.kaurnacronin.com) (AUS)
It is easily the case here, as Kaurna Cronin’s warm voice works soft and haunting folk songs as well as happier breezier folk-rockers. His is a light touch, but there is plenty of strength underneath with the band or his acoustic guitar picking.' -  David Hintz (folkworld.eu)
05.07.2017 - Friday - RIDDLE & THE STARS (US) - (www.riddleandthestars.com)
"Mixing Ben Riddle and The Fallen Stars is like mixing Nick Drake and The Clash.  You wish for it every night in bed until it comes true." Rami Jaffee (Grammy winning keyboardist for The Foo Fighters and Wallflowers among others)

06.07.2017 - Thursday - TROY PETTY (US) - (www.troypettymusic.com)
“Love at first listen. What an incredible talent.” - Jer, Sleeping Bag Studios
30.08.2017 - Wednesday- KING OF THE TRAMPS (US) - (http://www.kingofthetramps.com/)
"On a scale of one to ten the Joyful Noise album is a solid ten. These five talented musicians not only know the roots of rock and roll, they enrich them every time they get together and play and believe me THAT is a joyful experience to be sure." - Cveckian, The Bigfoot Diaries
16.11.2017 - Thursday - NICHIOLAS CHIM (SGP) -  (www.nicholaschim.com
"..Shows a lot of promise, you guys should check him out.." - Bob Ezrin