"S&W" - SCHOOL 2017 @ GYMNASIUM HORN (Bremen)

The "SONGS & WHISPERS" edutainment format SCHOOL goes into a new round:

During CIRCUIT 03/2017 COURTNEY YASMINEH (USA) will have a workshop with the students of a music class at Gymansium Horn to encourage children to learn instruments and enjoy performing live on stage.

The teacher of the music class (compulsory optional subject) of the 9th form (14-year-olds) Uli is dealing intensively with what will happen in this workshop upfront.
This includes a selection of the songs the students will analyse in terms of lyrics and music:

Bury Me                                                          
In Common                                                       
Only Home                                                     
Get it                                                                
Stupid With Your Love unplugged            

But also an introduction of himself to Courtney Yasmineh in written.  
He started working as a school teacher only 10 years ago, has been a freelance musician and violin teacher for about 25 years before.
During his first years at Gymnasium Horn, he worked with Heiko from "Songs & Whispers" and a group of students for the first time.

This is how Uli introduced Courtney's music to his students:
"I tried a special way of covering a song with my students.
I gave them the song text and leadsheet of a song (relatively) unknown to them without giving them info (artist / title).
They split into small groups of six +/-
They invented an own song structure, composed a voice line (or rapped), decided on "Taktart"/measure (4/4, 3/4, 6/8 etc.) and tempo.
The results were amazing. Pure reflections of a song they never heard before!"

Finally, the idea is to let the students "cover" one of her songs, to be performed as support act at Courtney's concert at the school - and - maybe- at one more (official) concert in the city.
Furthermore, teacher Uli would like the students to interview Courtney Yasmineh, so they get an idea of the often "bent"/intricate biography of a musician, the development, the will, the need to live music.
Here is a video of an earlier "SONGS & WHISPERS" - SCHOOL workshop with SIMON HUDSON (AUS):