"S&W" - PRESENTS: RIDDLE & THE STARS (AUS / USA) - album "NEW COASTLINE" in stores on Friday 14.10.2016

Album "NEW COASTLINE" ("SONGS & WHISPERS" / Broken Silence) will be in stores on 14.10.2016!


Riddle & The Stars is a collaborative project between Australian singer/songwriter Ben Riddle and The Fallen Stars an Americana duo featuring Bobbo and Tracy Byrnes from Southern California.
After initially meeting as tour mates in Germany, the three artists discovered an unexpected kinship, both musically and personally. A few months later, Ben flew from Australia to California for a whirlwind 17-day recording session, resulting in “This is Happening,” their first album together. Drawing from a range of Indie, Americana and Folk influences, the music is layered with vocal harmonies along with rootsy instrumentation, such as the tenor guitar, pedal steel and cajon. One fan described their rich, dynamic sound as “Fleetwood Mac meets The Waterboys.”
On their sophomore album, “New Coastline,” the band took a very different approach to the process. Working from opposite ends of the world, Bobbo, Tracy and Ben would send tracks via the internet and Skype their writing sessions together. From this simultaneous closeness and distance rose a theme of searching for home that runs throughout the album. What does home mean? Where can it be found? Or, as in their first single “Long Way Down,” is finding your sense of home and belonging far more about the person you are with than any place you could find on a map?
Even just ten years ago, a collaborative project like this could not have survived. Now with today’s technology, Riddle & The Stars are demonstrating the universal power of travel, music and friendship to bring the world ever closer together.


"Mixing Ben Riddle and The Fallen Stars is like mixing Nick Drake and The Clash. You wish for it every night in bed until it comes true. -Rami Jaffee (Grammy winning keyboardist for The Foo Fighters and Wallflowers among others)

“Melding country, Americana, folk and everything in between, Riddle & The Stars have created a beautifully crafted album.” - Metronome Magazine

“An exceptional follow-up to their 2014 debut collaboration “This Is Happening”, the new album from Riddle & The Stars titled “New Coastline”, is truly a reason to celebrate the music making union forged between Aurstralian singer/songwriter Ben Riddle and Huntington Beach, California based The Fallen Stars (husband and wife duo Bobbo and Tracy Byrnes).” - Desert Star Weekly

“A marriage between Southern California mainstays The Fallen Stars and Australian singer/songwriter Ben Riddle results in a moody and magical album.” - TJR Top Ten Album of the Year

“Besides giving their beautiful voices, Riddle & The Stars also expressed their vast knowledge of American roots genres...A super nice mix of all American music genres by three breathtaking voices.”  (translated from Dutch) - Keysandchords.com