TRUE SPIRIT REVIVAL (www.truespiritrevival.com) by Tom Richardson

TRUE SPIRIT REVIVAL is an epic journey back to the truth of who we are at our deepest level. Step into the most soulful blend of contemporary live music, weaved with traditional mantras and paired with heart wisdom.

The workshop is a Vinyasa style yoga which includes both restorative and dynamic movements, designed to suit all levels! We flow with breath in this uplifting yoga practice that consciously merges live music with body, mind and heart. Riding the wave of movement into the corners of the soul to reconnect to strength, beauty and truth!
This is an ALL levels workshop! Beginners to advanced students, every level of experience is welcome. All who attend will leave with a deeper connection to their yoga & many tools to take their practise to the next level!

True Spirit Revival is a 2hr yoga workshop that consciously merges live music with body, mind and heart. Soulful grooves, infectious live music, weaved with traditional mantras and paired with traditional yoga wisdom. Kim guides an emotive yoga practice, using juicy pranayama & asana while Tom provides the soundtrack for the movements. Infused with play, the practice builds into a peak Vinyasa flow, continuing to strengthen the body & open the heart!

Within the 2hr yoga flow we explore the traditional postures in a variety of ways that both strengthens & deeply soothes all areas of the body & mind. The additional energy and literal vibrations of live music during a yoga session greatly enhances these feelings!
A workshop combination of live grooves and a yoga practise fuelled on waves of sound & collective breath, invoking the highest connection to self and awakening of mojo! A fresh, new way to get acquainted with the richness & vibrant community of music festivals.

The experience evolved through the exciting workshop collaboration between two internationally renowned presenters, Canadian-born yoga instructor, Kimberly Erin, and Australian singer-songwriter, Tom Richardson. Flow with your breath in an uplifting & playful yoga practice that consciously merges live music with body, mind and heart. Ride the wave of movement into the corners of your soul and reconnect to your own strength, beauty and truth… One moment at a time.

Please see the video down below to get an idea of how this looks like:


This makes my heart sing. This combination of breath, body, vibration & music is soul awakening. I really appreciate how seamlessly you work together but also the tapestry that is created... I truly believe that the way Tom plays creates such a vehicle for this awakening in such a short but potent space of time. Balance & beauty, love & grace. Thank-you for this opportunity to connect with myself & others. I feel truly honoured to be here. I leave knowing I have found wisdom, grace, love and peace to step into any time. Thank-you!! - Melinda (AUS)

Tonight was the first time I experienced Yoga Loves Music with True Spirit Revival. I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that the combination truly touched me and took me to a sacred place. Tonight’s practice was so amazing! The vibrations of the sound, I could feel pulsing through my veins. Kim did such an awesome job of centering my mind. My awareness was centered in my heart for the whole duration & paired with the live sound from Tom, my mind was able to remain in a peaceful place. SO AMAZING & INSPIRATIONAL. I feel truly blessed to be a part of something so magical!! Light & Love.- Jess (AUS)

CONTACT: Please contact: truespiritrevival@songsandwhispers.com for bookings and all inquiries!