Bobbo Byrnes, owner of Wandering Star Studios in Costa Mesa, CA, is a fixture of the Southern California music scene. He has been playing and recording in SoCal since 2000, winning awards both with his band, The Fallen Stars, and independently. Bobbo has played on countless sessions and records and mixes local, national and international artists.

His Pro-Tools powered recording studio offers a wide range of instruments and microphones to choose from, while the cozy atmosphere provides a supportive and inspiring space for the creative spirit to flow. While primarily a haven for singer/songwriters, Wandering Star Studios has also worked with punk, blues, new age, electronica, metal, country and classic rock bands.
Testimonials: "Recording at Wandering Star Studios is a fantastic experience. Bobbo has all the mics, instruments and equipment to record anything. He knows how to get fantastic tones out of any instrument (He plays about 700 different instruments himself) and bring out whatever the song needs. Most of all, his priority is always the music. He leads when you need direction and follows when you have a clear vision. I can't recommend Bobbo and Wandering Star Studios enough."
~Doug Schmude, Americana Artist from Southern California

"As traveling musicians from New Zealand, recording at Wandering Star was a definite highlight of our time in the States. Red wine and pizza served with a tasty side of banter from the legend himself, Bobbo Byrnes, not to mention all the instruments hanging from wall to wall. Its musical decor breeds creativity, and there’s certainly no shortage of guitars to choose from! What stood out above other studios I’ve recorded in was that immediate feeling of comfort-ability that I found at Wandering Star Recording Studios."~Sanstribe, Indie band from New Zealand

"I needed to record a jingle very quickly and cost effectively. Wandering Stars Studios had fantastic ideas and suggestions for how to achieve what I wanted. They also have a wide array of amazing instruments and microphones to make your project amazing. Finally and most important they are so wonderful to work with friendly professionals and a great sense of humor all while getting the job done well!"
~James Kruk, Award winning Elvis Impersonator

"I always feel comfortable enough to explore adding other instruments onto my tracks I didn't plan to before. I think this says something about Bobbo's finesse. Not only is he helping your music sound great, the environment he creates helps your music grow."
~ Emma, The Potential Lunatics, Southern California Indie/Punk band

"I've had the pleasure of recording at Wandering Star Studios for several projects. Bobbo has always made the artist feel at ease. He has an incredible ability to translate the artist's vision into a top-notch sounding product."
~Matt Froehlich, singer & drummer for Tall as Men, Groove Bastards from Southern California

"Wandering Star Recording Studios is such a comfortable place to record. Not only physically, but the warmth, patience and musical prowess that Bobbo exudes puts any recording anxiety you might have to rest. He is an accomplished engineer, making quick adjustments to room mics, amp positions and finding the right mic for the task at hand. He also has the experience and knowledge to make the proper tweaks to the board without wasting any time. These things sound small but they are a big deal in a "pay-by-the-hour" recording situation. Bobbo has an amazingly keen sense of production as well and being a multi-instrumentalist can help ad texture and layers to your music that you might not have otherwise thought of. There are a vast selection of instruments available for the recording musician as well. My band Tall As Men will continue to record at Wandering Star not JUST because of all of the reasons above, but for the ONE reason that we come out of it with the finished product that we wanted. Every time. That's not because of the physical studio. That is simply because of Bobbo Byrnes. And there is only one place to find Bobbo Byrnes...Wandering Star Recording Studio."
~Ron Frazelle, Tall as Men, Americana Band

"I had a great time working with Bobbo from Wandering Star Recording studio. The atmosphere is excellent for bringing out your creativity. Bobbo's approach is the perfect union of knowing what works well and experimentation. His technical abilities mixed with his artistic touch and genuine desire to help you produce the best quality music you can are a rare find!"

~Brian Matteson, The band "Gary" and solo artist.