'SONGS & WHISPERS'' - CIRCUIT 12/2015 (27.11.2015 – 20.12.2015)

„SONGS & WHISPERS“ – Circuit 12/2015 

Penniless Cove perform gin-soaked folk pop. Songs tangled in the city.
The band draw audiences into an intricate and expansive soundscape where playful melodies meet pensive lyrics. Walking a path between raw minimalism and lush production, their sound is all-embracing – the clink of a Tanqueray bottle meets soaring harmonies, electronic textures and double bass.
Penniless Cove (named after a cobbled street in the seaside town of Tenby) is the brainchild of Welsh singer and song-writer, Phoebe Osborne. The live band has taken many organic forms since Phoebe studied classical piano and started composing as a teenager. Co-writing with her sister Chloe, they conjure up songs of debauchery, apathy, arguments and adventures spanning rural Wales and into the big city.
Phoebe’s mischievous vocals and fiery piano playing are matched on stage by the dynamic musicianship of multi-instrumentalist/producer Tom Fairbairn. This SE London based duo juggle piano, guitar, melodica, bass, drums, strings and vocal harmonies to create a rich performance refusing to be forgotten.
Their first studio recording self-titled album, Penniless Cove, will be released in February 2016.
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Das britische Duo Penniless Cove versetzt das Publikum mit ihrem „Gin getränktem Popfolk“ und Jazz-Elementen in eine ausgedehnte und komplexe Soundlandschaft; an einen magischen Ort, an welchem verspielte Melodien, melancholische Texte und eine ausdrucksvolle Performance aufeinandertreffen. Benannt nach einer Straße in der walisischen Kleinstadt Tenby, ist Penniless Cove das Projekt von Sängerin und Pianistin Phoebe Osborne. Ihre markante Stimme und kraftvolles Klavierspiel sind charakteristisch für den Sound der britischen Band. Unterstützt wird Osborne von Multiinstrumentalist und Produzent Tom Fairbairn.
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Influences: Ani Difranco, Bjork, Tom Waits, Regina Spector, Anais Mitchel, Coco Rosie, Anthony and the Johnsons, Tori Amos, My Brightest Diamond.

‘I was left speechless - her vocals are impeccable. Penniless Cove is one to watch. ’ Planet music Review (2014)

‘Driven by Phoebe Osborne’s powerful, sultry jazz voice, ‘Monsoon Rain’ is a brilliantly-structured, endlessly catchy, quirk-folk number that swings, by jove. Fans of Tori Amos, Katy Carr and Abi Wade and anyone with ears will love it.’  For Folk’s Sake (2014)

Robin Irene Moss started singing before she could stand. She was born in Sri Lanka, grew up in Egypt and Washington DC and has lived in New York City for the past sixyears. She writes and sings lyric-driven indie-folk music that anyone can relate to and you can’t help but sing along to. This winter, 2015, she is embarking on her third tour in Europe to release her new full-length album, Leave Your Desert Behind. For her, most beautiful thing in the world is a shared musical experience connecting a room full of people, and that is what she creates with her songs. Come be a part of it!

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Robin Irene Moss begann zu singen, bevor sie stehen konnte und komponierte eigene Songs, bevor sie schreiben konnte. Die vergangenen Jahre hat Moss damit verbracht, ihr Handwerk durch unzählige Liveauftritte und unablässiges komponieren zu perfektionieren. Nachdem sie sich 2013 mit der New Yorker Musikszene vertraut gemacht hat, überquert sie 2014 den Ozean, um sich dem europäischen Publikum vorzustellen. Gemeinsam mit Caitlin Mahoney tourt sie durch Deutschland, die Niederlande, Belgien, Irland und England. Nun, ein Jahr, Selbstfindungsprozesse und viel Songwriting später, kehrt sie zurück, diesmal mit ihrem ersten Soloalbum „Leave Your Desert Behind“ im Gepäck.

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Influences: Ella Fitzgerald, Cole Porter, Joan Baez, The Tallest Man on Earth, Bob Dylan.

“To say her talent as a songwriter is otherworldly is an understatement.” From a
review of “I Like You” on Play Too Much Blog
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