'SONGS & WHISPERS'' - CIRCUIT 11/2015 (30.10.2015 – 22.11.2015)

„SONGS & WHISPERS“ – Circuit 11/2015


After bouncing between Washington DC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, Echo Bloom’s founder, Kyle Evans, eventually caught the muse he was searching for in Berlin. Completely submerged in the German culture, Evans found inspiration in dusty libraries along the Spree and long, quiet bike rides through the city. He holed up in an apartment and woodshedded for months, the seclusion allowing him the perfect environment to completely focus on his work. After a few months, he left Germany with material for three records. Because each album seemed to fit into slightly different genres, Evans began thinking about them as different seasons, different countries and finally, different colors. 'Blue' would be the more folk-oriented of the group, 'Red' would be more country rock, and 'Green' would be more classic pop.
Finally taking root in Brooklyn, Evans drew on his diverse background, including a stint focussing on electro-acoustic recording, a home-grown love of 1960s surf rock, and a deep and abiding passion for Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals to create the intricately layered and carefully composed tracks of Blue. The group continued to blossom into the robust touring ensemble visiting Europe in 2015.  That quartet adds Aviva Jaye on alto vocals and piano, Jason Mattis on bass, and Cody Rahn on percussions. The album “Blue” will be released on the label “Songs & Whispers” on December 4th
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Nach viel Pendelei zwischen Washington D.C., Los Angeles und San Francisco findet Kyle Evans, Gründer von Echo Bloom, in Berlin letztendlich seine lang gesuchte Muse. Komplett in der deutschen Kulturwelt versunken, lässt Evans sich von staubigen Bibliotheken an der Spree und langen, einsamen Fahrradtouren durch die Stadt inspirieren. Er schließt sich monatelang in einem Apartment ein und nutzt die Isolation, um sich auf seine Arbeit zu fokussieren. Schließlich verlässt er Deutschland mit Material für drei Alben. Da jedes einzelne in ein anderes Genre passt, beginnt Evans sie in verschiedene Kategorien einzuteilen: in Jahreszeiten, verschiedene Länder und schlussendlich verschiedene Farben. „Blue“ ist das Folk-orientierte Album in der Reihe, „Red“ lässt sich in den Country-Rock einordnen, während „Green“ wiederum in der klassischen Popmusik seinen Platz findet.
Schließlich schlägt Evans Wurzeln in Brooklyn und nimmt dort das erste Album „Blue“ auf. Die vielschichtig komponierten und sorgfältig eingespielten Songs spiegeln seine Liebe zum 1960er Surfrock und eine tiefe Leidenschaft für Rodgers/- und Hammerstein-Musicals wider. Heute ist Echo Bloom das Quintett, mit dem Evans 2014 Europa besucht hat –
Aviva Jaye mit Altgesang und am Klavier, Cody Rahn an den Percussions und Jason Mattis am Bass. e. „Blue“ erscheint am 4.12. auf dem Label „Songs & Whispers“
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Influences: Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Iron and Wine, Debussy, Kraftwerk, Joni Mitchell, Simon and Garfunkel, Sufjan Stevens

“The title track is a hypnotic and emotional piece of work that soars as much for the composition as a whole as well as the restraint shown by Evans and company vocally. I struggle to compare Evans to another singer vocally - and struggle even more to compare the songwriting to any of his contemporaries. And I think that’s what I like the most about Blue.”
Heidi Drockelman - Indie-Music.com

“I haven’t had an album listening session that equaled the first time I heard Damien Rice’s ‘O’. When I listened to Echo Bloom’s ‘Blue’ got that same rush. Maybe it’s because Kyle & his guests (Kate Vargas especially) have the same sort of musical romantic partnership or spark per each track that Damien & Lisa had back in the day. Every song on Blue sends chills down my spine. Track to Track, it’s an absolutely beautiful record that needs to be shared. The music video showcased didn’t do it justice. They are proud of it, and I’m proud to listen. This is ‘Blue’ by Echo Bloom.”
Guerilla Nights


With an innovative and original approach to music, Jean-Paul De Roover is much more than just a solo artist. Live looping with guitars and using his voice as an instrument, this Belgian-Canadian multi-instrumentalist constructs his songs piece by piece before your eyes. Beginning in silence, his performance could lead anywhere as he builds it live, inviting his audience to become a part of the unique final product.
Although he was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario in Canada, De Roover was raised overseas in Africa, Asia and South America before moving back to Canada in 2001. This distinct upbringing has led him to create a post-pop style that is decidedly his own, blending ideas from rock, pop, folk, a cappella and electronica. He achieves this blend with the assistance of live-looping technology. De Roover says, “I wanted to challenge myself by having to record every part of my show live, on the spot, providing a unique performance every night.”
De Roover has worked hard to develop his one-man-show, touring relentlessly since 2007 with his signature red piping platforms. He has shared stages with international artists like the Beach Boys, Goo Goo Dolls, Beardyman and countless others.
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Mit einem innovativen und originellen Anspruch an Musik ist Jean-Paul De Roover mehr als nur der klassische Singer-Songwriter. Mithilfe seiner Loopstation konstruiert der Belgisch-Kanadische Multiinstrumentalist seine Lieder Stück für Stück vor den Augen seines Publikums und lädt es ein, Teil des einzigartigen, finalen Produkts zu werden.
Geboren in Thunder Bay, Ontario wuchs De Roover in Afrika, Asien und Südamerika auf bevor er 2001 nach Kanada zurückkehrte. Diese außergewöhnliche Erziehung half ihm, einen ihm ganz eigenen Post-Pop-Stil zu entwickeln. Einflüsse von Rock, Folk, A capella und Electronica sind nicht zu überhören.
De Roover hat hart an der Entwicklung seiner One-Man-Show gearbeitet. Seit 2007 tourt er unnachgiebig und teilt sich die Bühnen mit internationalen Größen wie den Beach Boys, Goo Goo Dolls oder Beardyman. 
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Influences: The Beatles, Ben Folds, Rheostatics, Bjork, Daniel Johns

“Intensity is the cornerstone of Windows and Doors…And really, that’s the brilliance of this album: De Roover’s ability to take rather simple chord progressions…and create deep layers of interest. This isn’t an album of dreamy, purposeless folk rock; it’s an album on a mission. (3.5/5)”
– Miranda Nelson (The Georgia Straight)

“…the mad scientist of the Thunder Bay music scene…Jean-Paul De Roover live, is a spectacle that you NEED to see.”
– Jason Wellwood (Earshot!)

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