"SONGS & WHISPERS" - RECOMMENDS: John Statz (USA) Europe Tour (19.5. to 22.6.)

“John Statz writes songs you can’t shake. They follow you around all day and run 
through your head at 3 a.m. Open hearted, horizon-line songs.”
Jeffrey Foucault

"SONGS & WHISPERS" highly recommends: John Statz (USA)


John Statz recorded his new album with an all-star band in the middle of a Vermont ice storm. “We had to keep the stove burning the whole day, and then the electricity went out for ten minutes,” concedes Statz. “Luckily, we were just rehearsing.” John Statz will release Tulsa on March 10, 2015.
After years of DIY touring everywhere from Eastern Europe to Mexico, the Wisconsinite who now resides in Colorado fell in with fellow Midwesterner Jeffrey Foucault, a critically acclaimed songwriter and veteran of the americana circuit. A fan of Statz’s last album (2012’s Old Fashioned, produced by Bo Ramsey), Foucault offered to produce his next record while the two were on tour together in Colorado.
The resulting Tulsa is beautiful blend of soft americana and smooth folk with echoes of The Jayhawks and Whiskeytown. “John writes songs you can’t shake,” says Foucault. “They follow you around all day and run through your head at 3 a.m. Open hearted, horizon-line songs.”

On May 28th Statz will play together with Adam Burrows, who currently tours "S&W" CIRCUIT 05/2015 @ Hamme Forum, Ritterhude, Germany.
And on June 5th he plays at Zenneget 13 in Belgium. 

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