In most cases artists we work with are touring Europe for the first time.  Our S&W CIRCUITS are great for this - artists can network, build relationships, and finally explore Europe to figure out whether there might be some potential for them touring here more often in the future.


But there is more available: "S&W" is a brand managed by the company [ps] promotion (http://pspromotion-bremen.com) with a wide range of experience, including management, booking, promotion, licensing and publishing. [ps] promotion also provides a variety of additional services in Germany that can extend into Europe and the UK.  Artists who could benefit from these services might be:

1) Interested in touring areas in Germany or Europe on top of the area they are covering with their "S&W" - CIRCUIT
2) Independent artists who are touring individually booked tours, but lack some media and pr power promoting their tour
3) Artists who have support from a label already and are seeking ways to release their music and promote their tour


1) MEDIA and PUBLIC RELATIONS SERVICES: The media and PR services we are providing through [ps] promotion (http://pspromotion-bremen.com) are able to expand your reach. We cover areas far beyond the borders you are touring under the umbrella of your "S&W" - CIRCUIT. Please ask about our customized "national" but also "European" media and pr service packages and quotes. Please find a detailes here.

2) BOOKING SERVICES: Our booking services can enable you to reach additional areas in Germany (including bigger cities such as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne) and other places in Europe.  We provide additional booking services for artists touring a "S&W" - CIRCUIT but also for other clients too.  Please ask for quotes and our individual packages. Please find a detailed description of our BOOKING SERVICES here.

3) PUBLISHING SERVICES: Europe is different to the US and other oversea countries when it comes to royalties. Make sure you can collect your performing royalties in countries you are touring in! "S&W" has teamed up with Berlin based BUDDE MUSIC (www.buddemusic.de/germany-eng), the largest independent music publisher (established in 1947).  They are providing professional royalty administration and pitch our catalogue. Protect your music and collect performance, broadcasting and mechanical royalties in Europe and other parts of the world through "SONGS & WHISPERS" and BUDDE MUSIC. Please ask for customized "easy to work" with agreements.

4) LICENSING SERVICES: [ps] promotion owns several label codes we utilize to license and distribute your music profesionally while you are touring. We can help you make your music available in CD, download and streaming formats online and in small stores and chains.  This is relevant for both sales and to expand your media awareness in the European market. Please see also #1 MEDIA and PUBLIC RELATION SERVICES above and ask for customized solutions.

5) DISTRIBUTION SERVICES: We are under distribution of BROKEN SILENCE (brokensilence.de), a professional music distribution company based in Hamburg. Please ask for customized solutions.

6) MANUFACTURING SERVICES:  If you are afraid of declaring your CDs to customs when entering Europe, consider manfucaturing small runs in Europe instead. We can assist. Please request quotes.

7) "SONGS & WHISPERS" - STUIO: Make better use of offdays and record in our studio. Please ask for speacial rates for [ps] promotion clients and "S&W" - ARTISTS

In case of any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email: songsandwhispers@pspromotion-bremen.de.