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Album "Blue" out in stores on December 4th 2015!
"Blue"- European Tour November 2015!

ECHO BLOOM (USA) www.echobloom.com

“I haven’t had an album listening session that equaled the first time I heard Damien Rice’s ‘O’. When I listened to Echo Bloom’s ‘Blue’ I got that same rush. - Guerilla Nights

We are excited to announce that ECHO BLOOM (USA), (www.echobloom.comis joining the "SONGS & WHISPERS" - NETWORK. Not only did we have the pleasure of working with them as part of our "S&W" - CIRCUIT 09/2014 already, we're looking forward to operating as an exclusive worldwide collaborator for their upcoming musical releases, concert tours, and films. 

The album "Blue" (SONGS & WHISPERS" / Broken Silence) will be out as colored vinyl, DigiPack CD, download and stream worldwide on November 06th 2015 and will be followed by the album "Red" in summer 2016. The trilogy will continue with  the album "Green" in 2017, the concert film "Blue Shift" and additional films.

Each of the three albums, written by Echo Bloom's Kyle Evans during an artistic pilgrimage in the city of Berlin. reflect the rhythm of personal experience and are rooted deeply in the history of European and American pop music.  With rich, colourful musical arrangements and influenced by artists such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Iron and Wine, Debussy, Kraftwerk, Joni Mitchell, Simon and Garfunkel and Sufjan Stevens, Echo Bloom are creating their own "musical universe".

Echo Bloom are touring all albums throughout the US and Europe intensely. The  first 30 days European "Blue" tour starts November 2015 and will find Echo Bloom performing at venues throughout Benelux and Germany, including a performance at philharmonic hall Sendesaal Bremen (www.sendesaal-bremen.de). Learn more about the making of the lead video "Fireworks" under: http://echofamily.com/press/fireworkshttp://echofamily.com/press/fireworks and find more information about Echo Bloom under www.echobloom.com! 

“The title track is a hypnotic and emotional piece of work that soars as much for the composition as a whole as well as the restraint shown by Evans and company vocally. I struggle to compare Evans to another singer vocally - and struggle even more to compare the songwriting to any of his contemporaries. And I think that’s what I like the most about Blue.” Heidi Drockelman - Indie-Music.com

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