S&W Artist Kaurna Cronin released a new Video of his new Single '' Fearless'''

Kaurna Cronin (AUS) released a new Single - ''Fearless'' of the Album ''Pistol Eyes ( Limited Edition)''

You could watch the full Kaurna Cronin Playlist incl. his new Single 'Fearless' here:

Kaurna Cronin (C) 2013
Recorded and Mixed by Jordon Power
Song written by Kaurna Cronin
Song performed by Kaurna Cronin, Dom Symes, Nicolas Bastiras, Delia Obst and Mitch Waugh.

Produced by Quench Studios
Screenplay written and directed by Nick Graalman
Produced by Jamie Carter & Nick Graalman
Actors: Sophia Simmons
Assistant: Clancy Weatherald

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