''SONGS & WHISPERS '' - PRESENTS: Kaurna Cronin - European Tour dates running from 13.06.2014 – 31.07.2014.

Australian songwriter Kaurna Cronin  will promote the release of his album "Pistol Eyes Limited Extended Edition" on tour in Germany

Tourdates are running from 13.06.2014 – 31.07.2014. The album is available in store on Friday, 06.06.2014. Please see details down below.

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Please find our Google + album of PRESENT Tour here:

‘...If you have a penchant for harmonica this is your guy!’ – Dom Alessio ( Triple J Radio)
At just 21 years old, Kaurna Cronin combines Energetic Folk and contemporary  sounds and a natural ability to capture & inspire.
After being awarded The ‘Folowers Live Musik Award’ for ‘ Best Acoustic Act’ being named as one of ‘Rip It Up ‘’Hot Magazines’’ Acts for 2013 & being invited to grace the stage at ‘The Fleurieu Folk Festival’ & ‘Festival Of The Sun’,
Kaurna Cronin and his touring ensemble of troubadours are sure to give you edgy harmonica, country jams & ethereal vocal harmonies to boot.
Drawning ispiration from his parents musical collection & years at Folk Festivals,
Kaurna’s sound in a sonic collaboration of Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Ryan Adams & Neil Young.
Kaurna recorded his second release at 301 Studios, Byron Bay with Jordan Power after having worked with the likes of U2, Bruce Springsteen & Angus Stone. With his releases ‘Feathers’ & ‘Pistol Eyes’  under his belt and tree European tours he has quickly built a catalogue of supports including Set Sail, Roscoe James Irwin ( Cat Empire) & Keith Urban.
With his writings as powerful as they are delicate, Kaurna’s live show is not to be missed!

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Mit gerade einmal 21 Jahren kombiniert Kaurna Cronin energetischen Folk mit zeitgenössischen Klängen und besitzt dabei eine natürliche Fähigkeit zu packen und zu begeistern.

Nachdem Kaurna Cronin der "Folowers Live Music Award" als "Best Acoustic Act" verliehen wurde, lud man ihn ein, auf dem "Fleurieu Folk Festival" & dem "Festival of the Sun" zu spielen.

Als Inspiration diente ihm die Musik Sammlung seiner Eltern, zahlreiche Besuche auf Folk Festivals und Einflüsse von Bob Dylan , Paul Simon, Ryan Adams & Neil Young.
Mit seinen Releases ‘Feathers’ & ‘Pistol Eyes’ und drei Europa Touren konnte er schnell Unterstützung von unter anderem Set Sail, Roscoe James Irwin ( Cat Empire) & Keith Urban für sich gewinnen.
Mit seinen geschriebenen Songs die so mächtig wie auch zart sind, ist Kaurna Cronins  Live Show etwas, was man sich nicht entgehen lassen sollte!

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Kaurna Cronin (AUS)

Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Ryan Adams 
& Neil Young
2014  'Feathers' - (S&W/Broken Silence)
2014 'Pistol Eyes' (S&W/Broken Silenc