"S&W" artist Kaurna Cronin (AUS) - The story behind "Pistol Eyes"

From an early age Kaurna Cronin is surrounded by music. Taken by his parents in a camp van from festival to festival he gets deeply in touch with that kind of music that later has a considerable impact on his own: Folk.
But firstly, 11 years old, he starts to play drums. Three years later the Indie-Rock band “Jimmy & The Mirrors”  (Adelaide, AUS) (http://jimmyandthemirrors.com/), is formed with himself as a drummer. Down the track he becomes the drummer for many Australian acts including Timberwolf and Traveller & Fortune.

Even if Kaurna Cronin writes his first songs as a kid, recorded to cassette tapes in the attic, he does not present them to an audience until the age of 16. As a natural progression musically he chooses the guitar as a vehicle to transports his thoughts and ideas into songs. 2011 and 2012 he leaves his home country to play some solo shows in Europe. Eventually he ends up in Berlin where he is discovered on the streets.

Between Berlin and Adelaide recorded and inspired by Kaurna Cronins journeys the debut Album “Feathers” is released in 2012. With “Feathers” the 19 year old wants to share his own experiences as well as other peoples stories.

"It´s A Metaphor" from Kaurna Cronins debut album "Feathers"

Although influenced by australien folk Kaurna Cronin himself does not identify his music as Folk. He names it “folkish”. Vital elements are guitar, harmonica, energetic drums and Cronins soft voice. 

Kaurna Cronin records his second release “Pistol Eyes” (2013)  at 301 Studios, Byron Bay with Jordan Power after having worked with the likes of U2, Bruce Springsteen & Angus Stone. In an interview with an Australian online magazine he says about the choice of the “eye” topic: I’ve always really liked eyes; they’re good for looking, but very good to look into as well. It's a bit of a gateway into the soul so to speak, so that's very powerful. I also just like the look of them.”
With “Pistol Eyes” Cronin improves his on “Feathers” developed style.
At just 21 years old, Kaurna Cronin combines energetic Folk with contemporary sounds and a natural ability to capture & inspire.

The “Pistol Eyes Limited Extended Edition” consists of the 2013 EP “Pistol Eyes” and the 2012 album “Feathers” being released as a bundle. Releasing both CD’s as a bundle makes the artistic development of Kaurna Cronin traceable. The immense potential and talent of this artist is not to be ignored, especially the single “Run Boy” gives an impression on the artistic quality that can be expected in the future! 


Website: http://kaurnacronin.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kaurnacronin?fref=ts
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kaurnacronin
Instagram: http://instagram.com/kaurnacroninmusic

  • '...If you have a penchant for harmonica this is your guy!' – Dom Alessio, triple j
  •  'Feathers is a record that honours the long tradition of folk music, it's ageless and filled with    songs  you'll want to revist for years to come' – Radio Adelaide
  • As powerful as it is delicate, FEATHERS is sure to leave a mark on all who hear it. - Radio Adelaide
  • Your ears are filled with the sound of a harmonica, an ambling bass, delightful percussion, and a combination of husky and delicate voices. You can’t help but smile. - The Ripe
  • Folky goodness, indeed. - The Ripe
  • Kaurna Cronin could very quickly spark a new genre and sound across the face of music. - Fortitude Magazine