''SONGS & WHISPERS '' - CIRCUIT 05/2014 (02.05. - 25.05.2014)

''SONGS & WHISPERS '' - CIRCUIT 05/2014 (02.05. - 25.05.2014)

Ben (Gumby) Gumbleton lead singer of Australian band, BENJALU, will be doing a solo tour of Germany to pop his European cherry so to speak. With vocals described as a blend of Vedder, Chapman, and Morrison he is ready to take a break from the sun and surf ‘down-under’ and spread his love of performing across a select few venues in mid 2014.
Like the guy himself says, Gumby just loves touring so as a nomad at heart, he’ll do anything to sing a little tune to the strum of his own guitar to some friendly faces! As frontman of Australian band, BENJALU, Gumby is constantly keen for a gig and is known to pop up all over the place for a sneaky solo show.
His solo show is a blend of his vast musical stylings from blues to reggae to psychedelia and beyond. Gumby’s liquid velvet vocals shine through retro influences such as Bob Dylan, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and Buddy Guy through to contemporary bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ben Harper, The Beautiful Girls, Mason Jennings, Tame Impala and Jake Bugg.
Essentially the troubadour of the band, he has clocked himself up more than 800 shows in the last couple of years in all nooks and cranny’s around our little earth. Gumby and his band, BENJALU, are doing it the old fashioned way and aside from heavy regional and metro touring across Australia, Gumby also reached Canada last year for a solo tour and a showcase spot on NXNE gaining him industry attention and a pocketful of Canadian fans.
In the last twelve months, these guys have release two EP’s – The Battle, produced by Tom Powles (The Church) and most recently, Boondoggle, co-produced by Neal Hunt and Ian Pritchett (The Beautiful Girls). Both EP’s were release independently and were distributed nationally in Australia via MGM distribution to an eagerly awaiting fanbase. ---------------------------------- German version ----------------------------------
Ben Gumbleton alias Gumby, Frontmann der fünf-köpfigen Band Benjalu, ist, wie er selbst sagt, im Herzen ein Nomade. Über 800 Konzerte auf der ganzen Welt hat der Musiker aus Down Under in den letzten Jahren gegeben. Der Sänger, Gitarrist und Songwriter vertritt die ehemalige Garagenband aus dem australischen Newcastle nur mit seiner Gitarre bewaffnet als BENJALU AKUSTIK auf einer Akustiktour durch Deutschland. Stilistisch bewegen sie sich durch ein weites Spektrum von Blues, über Reggae bis hin zu psychedelischem Rock. Einflüsse von Größen wie den Beatles, Bob Dylan und Nash and Young sind nicht zu überhören. Und doch entwickelt die Band einen ganz eigenen Stil, der sich durch energetische Rhythmen, lebensfrohe, aber auch  zuweilen melancholische Melodien und ehrliche Texte auszeichnet. In den letzten 12 Monaten erschienen sowohl die EP „The Battle“ und „Boondoggle“; von letzterer erscheint in Kürze die Single „Promising Hands“. 
 ---------------------------------- German version end------------------------------
Influences: Bob Dylan, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Buddy Guy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ben Harper, The Beautiful Girls, Mason Jennings, Tame Impala, Jake Bugg

“If you vibe on Aussie bands like Bonjah, Sticky Fingers and Kingfisha you might like these guys too!” - Dom Alessio, Triple J

“If practice makes perfect, Novocastrian roots outfit benjalu must be close.” - Nils Hay, Rave Magazine

“Young and exciting act” - Nick Milligan, Reverb Magazine

“Just infectious and hard not to get involved with their clever grooves and good feel” - James Schaefer, Jam Magazine


This May will see Senakah take to the road accoustically through singer and songwriter Rob Hope for the first time in Germany to coincide with the release of the single ‘Ugly’ from their forthcoming album ‘Human Relations’ on Thursday, May 15th through Kanoon Records. Senakah first fell into place in Limerick City, Ireland in 2006. After a year or so of writing songs and playing together the next logical step was to make a record and ‘Sweeter Than Bourbon’ was recorded and released in 2008 to critical acclaim. Following that the band took an opportunity to play in the US, and that turned into almost three hundred shows over the course of a couple of years, taking in legendary venues like the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood along with shows in over 40 States, even touring and jamming with Talking Head’s Bernie Worrell along the way. The band returned to Ireland to record their new album ‘Human Relations’ with Noel Hogan of The Cranberries producing. The album’s first single release, also called ‘Human Relations’ proved to be a massive hit in Ireland, with a video racking up thousands of hits on YouTube. The album will shortly be released worldwide!
---------------------------------- German version ----------------------------------
„Eddie Vedder an seinem besten Tag“, urteilte ein US-amerikanisches Onlinemagazin über Rob Hope, Sänger, Gitarrist und Songwriter, der seine Band Senakah unter dem Namen „Senakah Acoustic“ im Alleingang in Deutschland vertreten wird. Die irische Band wurde 2006 in Limerick City gegründet. Nach der Veröffentlichung des ersten Albums „Sweeter than Bourbon“ (2008) erhielten sie die Gelegenheit fast hundert Shows in den USA zu spielen, unter anderem auch im legendären Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood. Eine Weile tourten sie sogar mit Bernie Worrell, dem Keyborder der Talking Heads. Zurück in Irland nahm die Band ein weiteres Album, produziert von Cranberries-Gitarrist Noel Hogan, auf. Die Singleauskopplung „Human Relations“ des gleichnamigen Albums wurde in Irland zu einem wahren Hit – das dazugehörige Video erreichte in nur kurzer Zeit einige Tausend Klicks. Insgesamt erinnert der Sound der Band an den Gitarrenpop der 90er Jahre. ---------------------------------- German version end------------------------------ 
Influences: Tom Waits, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Nick Cave, Nina Simone, David Byrne, Kashmir, The Moody Blues, Marvin Gaye, Motown in general, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Ray Charles, Bjork
 “A band with a knack for taking big and bold jabs at the heartstrings, they blend sweeping arrangements with naked emotional lyrics to create a very anthemic sound” - Hotpress Magazine (IRL)  

 “So finely tuned that they are beyond the perfection aspired to by so-called music professionals...Senakah are not a stencil, they have an original stamp” - Herald Extra (UK)

“Plaintive and anthemic, visceral and cerebral, this music is broad in scope and pleasing in countenance, with an Irishness that touches the Celtic spirit in all of us” - The Liverpool Echo (UK)

 “Disenchantment has never sounded more enchanting” - ROCKWIRED.COM (USA)--------------------------------------------------------------------------
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