"S&W" - RECOMMENDS: Kneeraiser for Christa Couture - crowdfunding campaign

Christa Couture (CAN)

From the start, Vancouver-based Christa Couture established herself as a singer-songwriter with sharp-shooting wit, effortless grace and heart-on-sleeve intensity.
She was part of our "S&W" - SPECIAL "Pure and Acoustic #2"
Now Christa Couture st up a crowdfunding campain to raise money for a new knee!
The truth about a microprocessor knee is that it will dramatically impact Christa’s physicality. It will ease the work Christa’s right leg and back have to do on one “good leg” making it possible for her to shift her balance onto two legs, gaining better balance, and reducing stress on the rest of her body.

Help Christa Couture to get a new knee....