''S&W'' - SPECIAL: Pure and acoustic #3 - The Festival @ Sendesaal Bremen, 08.11.2014

''S&W'' - SPECIAL: 
Pure and acoustic #3 - The Festival

 Saturday, 08.11.2014; 4 PM

Broadcasted live via Google+ Hangouts:

You could find all pictures from Pure and  acoustic #3 on Google+ here:

Things to come and artist to play @  www.sendesaal-bremen.de
We are celebrating our fifth anniversary with another very special day (!) at former Radio Bremen philharmonic hall Sendesaal Bremen (www.sendesaal-bremen.de). There is plenty of music on Saturday, 08.11.2014 from 4 - 10pm! Please do not miss that show!
There is a limited amount of ticktes availbale only.
Order your tickets now under www.sendesaal-bremen.de
Teaser video:
    A portrait about "S&W" in general and the Festival is taken by Randnotiz - a student magazine from Bremen:   

AIREENE ESPIRITU (www.aireeneespiritu.com) (US)
 "Aireene's songs are mostly originals. They just sound like songs Alan Lomax might have collected during one of his cross country recording jaunts. They carry both historic sweep and personal nuance. The melodies are full of bluesy longing, fingerpicked delicately on her tenor ukulele." 
- Richard Rice, San Francisco Free Folk Festival -  
  (Kruses) Songs sind als literarische Werke angelegt und bohren philosophisch in die Tiefe des Seins. … Es gibt anrührend traurige Lieder, bei denen sich die Bruststimme wohltuend an die in Arpeggien  gezupften Töne anschmiegt… Je nach Thematik und Inhalt seines Liedes wechselt sein Gesang von verinnerlichter Schau zu Ausbrüchen, wie bei „Open Doors“ oder „Stones“, in denen Kruse Symbole für Dinge, die man aus dem Weg räumen muss sieht.     Immer wieder tauchen Gegenstände auf, die als Versatzstücke auf einen tieferen   Bedeutungszusammenhang verweisen“ -Weser Kurier     BREMER UKULELENORCHESTER (GER)  (www.bremer-ukulelenorchester.com)   
DAISY CHAPMAN (www.daisychapman.com) (UK) 

  "....manages to accomplish the obscure split between Norah Jones and Beth Orton. “Jealous Angels” has almost the power of a Soap&Skin song."   
- Rolling Stone Magazine, Germany         OLLY WILLS (THE EPSTEIN) (www.theepstein.com) (UK)
"Excellent….This charming slow-builder rides a bed of plucked acoustics as it heads into string-section ecstasy, throwing a few dramatic chord changes into the mix as it climaxes."
Artrocker Magazine – UK
"The realisation of years of promise. It constitutes a fantastic body of work, with light and dark woven together through intricate skill." BBC Oxford, UK.         RICHARD NEUBERG (VIAROSA) (www.viarosa.co.uk) (UK)
"...a very good rock driven album with a factor of emotionality searching for grounds that bring the listener to a constructive experience..."

SOMEDAY JACOB (www.somedayjacob.de) (GER) 
"come in, Someday Jacob: in the house of the Kings of Convenience is next to Sufjan Stevens, insiders' tpis like Motion Pictures an Montana still enough place for you!" -Ozelot
TOM CORBETT (www.tomcorbett.net) (US) 
 "Corbett’s voice is reminiscent of Jimmy Buffett, with a kind of relaxed intimacy that makes you want to kick back in the passenger seat and go on a long road trip across the Mojave."   CS - Sing Out Magazine
Special guest: JAIMI FAULKNER (www.jaimifaulkner.com) (AUS) 
"His voice sands the soul, his playing is of extraordinary class. But it’s not just his fabulous skills on the guitar that make Faulkner the sensation that he is. Anyone seeing Jaimi Faulkner on stage is sold immediately". OOR MAGAZINE
 Tickets are available under www.sendesaal-bremen.de and here
Limited amount of tickets available only! Preorder tickets now!