The following information is relevant for artists who toured a "S&W" - CIRCUIT at least once and are interested becoming a "S&W" - LABEL ARTIST and continue working with us.

Please consider that the "S&W" - PRESENTS. scheme mentioned here is different to our "S&W" - CIRCUITS scheme and reserved for "S&W" - LABEL ARTIST only.

We recommend doing a "S&W" - CIRCUIT once or twice. 
Do a "S&W" - CIRCUIT the first time and test the water. Find new friends and build your fan base. Do the "S&W" - CIRCUIT the second time, establish your fan base and improve relationships you have built.already.

What happens next:
We assume you consider working as an artist and operating on a professional level. You are interested in reliable and long term working relationships, You are looking for ways to raise your artist profile and build your career step by step.You are interested in becoming part of a professional operating music network

Please be aware that our model does make sense for some but not for all artists!

INTRODUCTION: We are operating on a very competitive worldwide music market. We operate as a label, booking agent and publisher. We also provide individual artist development strategies, full service promotional solutions for label artists and third parties and are running a recording studio

You grant us worldwide exclusive licensing and publishing rights for ten years to exploit at least one of your albums and all tunes it does consist of. In return we start releasing the album digital and physical, we are promoting it and start booking tours in collaboration with you and start pitching your music.


1) We do not manufacture CDs or VINYL or pay for manufacturing albums
2)4) We do not pay for so called "tape deals"

In the days of Spotify, with music being streamed and dropping downloads and physical CD sales manufacturing albums or CDs does not make sense for us. Physical albums do make sense being sold live by the artists though.

A release of a physical album can be used as promotional tool too. With some effort involved and a little luck we are getting the official music media interested in an album and they provide promotion and pr as partners.


1) We are releasing and distributing digital and physical albums
2) We do assist and support individual tour bookings of label artists. We provide knowledge, infrastructure, and we utilize our existing venue network if possible as a mainframe you can add your own booking onto.
3) We are promoting album releases with inhouse pr ressources and external partner
4) We are promoting tours with inhouse pr ressources and external partners
5) We provide customized artists development tools to build your career step by step.
6) We invest passion, energy and time
7) We provide a reliable music network consisting of artists, venues and fans.read a market 


Money is available in the following fields in the music market, in theory at least

1) Booking  We are booking shows utilizing our network. We are booking shows under the scheme "S&W" - PRESENTS. This scheme is reserved for "S&W" - LABEL artists only. We are taking a cut of 25% for shows we are booking

2) Licensing / Distribution / Releasing  We are taking a regular cut of all physical or digital album sold or streamed. Keep the "music food chain" and its single elements: "Customer - Shop - Distributor - Label - Artist:" in mind! The average amount made per release and year is little it is mostly covering costs for mailing, postage and in - house promotion only. We are not taking any cut on live CD sales. Our distributors is
BROKEN SILENCE (www.brokensilence.net) (physical) and FINETUNES (http://solutions.finetunes.net) (digital)

3) Publishing: We are under administration of the reowned German independent music publisher BUDDE MUSIC (www.buddemusic.de). We are pitching music and are collecting performance, broadcasting and mechanical royalties for our label artists. We also monitor and control the collecting process through a partner and its service involved. Our agreements do have approval of lawyers of independent music societies such as VUT Germany.

4) Merchandise: We are not taking a cut of your merchandise nor any live CD sales.


Year ONE::"S&W" - CIRCUIT - release of an album
Year TWO: "S&W" - PRESENTS TOUR - Germany - release of an album
Year THREE: "S&W" - PRESENTS TOUR - Europe - release of an album
Year Four: Year three to be repeated...


We offer a bundle of artist development solutions consisting of the elements: Licensing, distribution, publishing, booking and promotion. We do provide single elements of this bundle too if the whole bundle does not suit your situation. Please look up details under: http://songsandwhispers.blogspot.de/2012/06/s-booking-services.html and http://songsandwhispers.blogspot.de/2012/06/media-and-public-relations-services.html.

Also please look up furher information about our licensing, distribution and publishing partners on this blog.

We prefer aiming for mutual beneficial situations and a mutual return in the long run. We and our partners really like being involved building things from the scratch and participating in the long run too!

We are providing the energy and strength of a network and are happy with most of the results we achieved so far. We know that our model does make sense for some but not for all artists! 

In case you are interested please get in touch via songsandwhispers@pspromotion-bremen.de
Thanks for your time and interest.