Altes Gymnasium Bremen:

In conjunction with Altes Gymnasium Bremen, "SONGS & WHISPERS" realised another version of its "SONGS & WHISPERS" - SCHOOL programme. As In a long-running EDUTAINMENT programme, pupils conducted by music teacher Marc Gutzeit will be studying the work of the singer and songwriter Eric Nordby ( NORMAN ) , engaging with his words, music and biography and being in a permanent exchange with the artist.
Over a longer period of time this format helps to realise an extensive project which can help to motivate children to improve their music, language and media skills.


 The meeting between the pupils and Norman took place on Thursday, June 28th, 2012.

During "S&W" - CIRCUIT 06/2012, Eric Nordby aka NORMAN (www.normansongs.com) gave a workshop at ALTES GYMNASIUM (Bremen). He played his own songs with the pupils and exchanged expierence he made touring Europe as a performer and songwriter under the umbrella of "SONGS & WHISPERS"
Please find the blog about NORMAN (www.normansongs.com) written by pupil of ALTES GYMNASIUM (Bremen) here: