Dear artist,

Thank you for your interest in our booking services. [ps] promotion, the company behind "SONGS & WHISPERS"promoted more than 4000 shows with several hundred artists across Europe since 2009.

„SONGS & WHISPERS“ is established as a trade mark. The brand is known not only for its wide range of quality services but also its networking character. Based on the experience we made throughout the years as a label, publisher, publicist, promoter, booking agent, production company and recording studio there are several terms, that need to be settled in order to work successfully. So please take your time and read this carefully.

There are at least two ways of working with „SONGS & WHISPERS“:
1) “S&W” – RETAINER BOOKING scheme: S&W can book someone any number of shows in a timeframe  of  the artist choice. That fee is € 75/day net (€ 89,25 gross) / tour day. We recommned booking one of our BOOKING + PR RETAINER BUNDLES to expand reach and impact while touring based on our BOOKING - RETAINER scheme in Europe.

Please note that this section is not relevant if you are invited to tour the "S&W" - CIRCUIT scheme. 

This section becomes relevant for artists seeking a customized, individual tour booking service only.

Please understand that we are a company which is employing people and need to make adequate profit to at least ensure our quality standards. Therefore we charge money for our booking services in order to work sustainable!

The goal is to organize a tour through Europe within the timeframe provided by the artist
[ps] is introducing the artist to living room hosts, venue and festival promoters across Europe
[ps] is negotiating performances on behalf of the artist
[ps] is providing a tour book with performance details based on the performance agreements above


Type of venues booked: Living rooms, bars, restaurants, churches, galleries, regular music venues, clubs, festivals and more.
Accommodation: None, private, hostel, hotel

Artist Fees: Tip / Hat, Door Deal, Percentage Deal (bar revenue deal), Fixed Fees

Capacity: 20 - ...

SERVICE FEE: The SERVICE FEE is a non-profit-based fee and charged per day. This fee is charged for the previous effort we make booking your performances. The SERVICE FEE is € 75/day net (€ 89,25 gross) / per tour day and has to be paid in advance.

BOOKING FEE: The BOOKING FEE of 15% is a profit-based fee, for successfully placed bookings. It is based on deals negotiated with venues and might contain fixed fees, hat based shows or door deals. Therefore the BOOKING FEE can´t be estimated upfront and will be balanced after the tour between the artist and [ps].

Our BOOKING SERVICES are available in combination with PR SERVICES,. provided by [ps] promotion please look up: PR for further information. If you are interested in an offer please get in touch via: songsandwhispers@pspromotion-bremen.de. Please mention the exact time frame you consider touring, so we can get back with an offer to you. We are looking forward hearing from you!

Please note: Our offer does not include services as a tour manager, who is taking care for your transportation, accommodation, gear or who is available 24/7, etc.

Please get in touch if you do need tour manager service support or support in sorting out gear rental, transportation or accommodation. Please understand that we have to charge an additional service fee for sorting out this details on behalf of you.
Expectations: Our network is based on contacts to many different venues and hosts we would like to activate for your booking request. Those venues do have an approximate capacity of around 20-70 people. Some are traditional music related venues like clubs and pubs others are quite unusual, like churches, restaurants or galleries. Conditions in those venues can be very different in matters of entrance, catering or accommodation. Our main target is Germany and we are working with venues in major cities like Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne and Munich. But even venues in other European countries are within our reach.

Also we are working with other European networks and are happy to push your artist profile to them, if you decide to make use of our services. But please keep in mind that European countries unlike the United States for example, have their own terms & conditions and therefore a different music market.

If you want to know more about us and our reputation as an agency, please have a look at our website, where you can find a collection of references and feedback we received from artists, promoters, venues, companies and newspapers: http://songsandwhispers.blogspot.de/2012/08/references.html

There are discount rates available for our services, if you consider trading licensing and publishing rights in exchange. If you are interested in an offer please get in touch via: songsandwhispers@pspromotion-bremen.de. Please mention the exact time frame you consider touring Europe, when approaching us, so we can get back to you with a detailled offer.

Our BOOKING SERVICES are available in combination with PR SERVICES. All services are . provided by [ps] promotion. Please look up: PR for further information. In case of any interest in any of our services please enter your contact details here: http://songsandwhispers.blogspot.de/2012/07/loading.html and reach out via songsandwhispers@pspromotion-bremen.de too please.

2) “S&W” – INVITE scheme: This scheme was formerly named as "S&W" - CIRCUIT scheme. The scheme was modified and renamed in 06/2018 to the new "S&W" - INVITE scheme.

S&W invites an artist on a tour. Timeframe and venues are already set by "S&W". "S&W" takes a cut of the tips. For further details please look up our "Term & Conditions" here please: http://songsandwhispers.blogspot.de/2012/08/terms-conditions.htm. 

Please note that our "S&W" - INVITE scheme is an "invite" only programme and available for artists booking our additional services such as PR too, only.

The procedure: Please submit an application. To choose our "S&W" - INVITE artists we are going through a high qualitative selection process. Please note that we are getting a total of 2500+ submissions per year currently.  The criteria are as followed:

a)      Main criterion: Musical quality / Musical fit into the “SONGS & WHISPERS” genres We are constantly screening applications of musicians and bands by the musical quality and fit according to “SONGS & WHISPERS” in the first instance. Adequate genres are Alternative, Folk, Singer / Songwriter, Americana, Country and other unclassifiable acoustic music. We are looking for unique artists with the ability to entrain people, special lyrics and/or tone colors and other soft criteria like charisma, for instance. The Song in its many forms is the main focus of the “SONGS & WHISPERS” network.

b)      Timeliness and marketing potential: E.g. actuality of an album, the personal story and musical background, et cetera…


“S&W” – INVITE scheme - Ben Lorentzen (US/ NOR) - “S&W” – CIRCUIT 01/2018 - http://songsandwhispers.blogspot.de/2017/12/songs-whispers-circuit-012017-12012018.html - PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO HERE: 

…I only wish that we would have similar outreach and similar companies here in the United States, Canada, Australia… Ben Lorentzen (US, NOR) - “S&W” – CIRCUIT client in 01/2018 


“S&W” – RETAINER BOOKING scheme - Paula Cox and Paul Creane (IRL) – http://songsandwhispers.blogspot.de/2018/01/songs-whispers-circuit-032018-01032018.html. Thank you for your help on the tour.  Highs and lows, as with anything but we met amazing people everywhere we went and on a hugely positive note, I must say that we were treated really well by the hosts of the venues. Thank you for your support and your prompt responses when we needed them! :)” Paula Cox + Paul Creane (IRL) – “S&W” – RETAINER BOOKING client in 03/2018 – 23 day customized tour booked!

Label artist DAISY CHAPMAN (UK) describes her experience with "S&W" here:

We are looking forward hearing from you!