"S&W" - CIRCUITs in 2018 - submissions open now

"S&W" - CIRCUITs in 2018 - submissions open now

Please visit our Reverbnation event page for our European touring opportunity “SONGS & WHISPERS” – CIRCUIT 2018 and submit your application. Please understand that we prefer working with the Reverbnation promoter interface instead of looking up individual websites in first place.

Learn more about us under www.songsanwhispers.com and www.pspromotion-bremen.de please. Find an overview of our services under: http://songsandwhispers.blogspot.de/search/label/SERVICES.
Also please look up http://songsandwhispers.blogspot.de/search/label/BOOKING for details regarding our "S&W" - CIRCUITS – TOURS. Please double check FAQ and TERMS & CONDITIONS for our “SONGS & WHISPERS” – CIRCUIT under: http://songsandwhispers.blogspot.de/2012/08/terms-conditions.html again!

Please have a good read through and in case of any further questions please get back to us. Please feel free to contact artists such as KAURNA CRONIN (AUS), THE FALLEN STARS (USA), ECHO BLOOM (US), TOM RICHARDSON (AUS) or DAISY CHAPMAN (UK) or others who toured our “S&W” – CIRCUITS already. Ask them to get their inside perspective on working with "SONGS & WHISPERS".

Finally please visit http://songsandwhispers.blogspot.de/2015/01/s-circuit-20-additional-services.html for our additional services. This last section might be of interest if our “S&W” – CIRCUIT schemes do not match with your needs at this point.

If all looks fine to you, you may want to leave your contact details here: http://songsandwhispers.blogspot.de/2012/07/loading.html maybe. If we are interested in working with you we will get back to you.

In case of any further questions please get back to us under songsandwhispers@pspromotion-bremen.de


Please find all CIRCUIT tourdates for 2017 below:

Circuit 01/2018(01/12/2018 – 02/04/2018)
Circuit 02/2018(02/09/2018 – 03/04/2018)
 Circuit 03/2018(03/09/2018 – 04/01/2018) 
Circuit 04/2018(04/06/2018 – 04/29/2018)
 Circuit 05/2018(05/04/2018 – 05/27/2018) 
Circuit 06/2018(06/01/2018 – 06/24/2018)
 Circuit 07/2018(07/06/2018 – 07/29/2018) 
Circuit 08/2018(08/03/2018 – 08/26/2018)
Circuit 09/2018(08/31/2018 – 09/23/2018)
Circuit 10/2018(09/28/2018 – 10/21/2018)
Circuit 11/2018(10/26/2018 – 11/18/2018) 
Circuit 12/2018(11/23/2018 – 12/16/2018)

We're looking forward to listening to your music and getting to know your work!

Usually, the final shows of our "S&W" - CIRCUITS tours are taking place @ Club Moments, Bremen. Please find below an impression of these shows:


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The music network "SONGS & WHISPERS" is working as a promoter, booking agent, label, publisher and is running a recording studio. "SONGS & WHISPERS" is providing several services for artists in general. For detailled information please see down below.

"SONGS & WHISPERS" operates as a booking agent. In cooperation with friends and partners we are promoting single shows and tours all over the world. Please see section BOOKING for general information and LIVE for detailed informationen about our "SONGS & WHISPERS" live schemes. An overview of our booking services here. 
The music network “SONGS & WHISPERS” operates as a label, too. We are providing solutions for worldwide marketing, promotion, distribution and licensing of all physical and digital formats. We are cooperating with distributors such like BROKEN SILENCE, ZEBRALUTION and others. Please find our BANDCAMP label catalogue under this link here. You can find our "SONGS & WHISPERS" partner labels here.

The label "SONGS & WHISPERS" is licensing music to several companies worldwide. We are operating as a publisher too. Please find further information under the link above.

Welcome to our "SONGS & WHISPERS" store. Please find several products in different "SONGS & WHISPERS" designs. Please take your time and choose your new favorite item.

Please find our "SONGS & WHISPERS" GOOGLE MAP with useful infromation here:

We are provoding music pr services for emerging artists together with partners such as Peter Holmstedt (www.hemfran.com).in many other European countries on a European scale. Please find more details here. 

"SONGS & WHISPERS" is registered as a publisher at German GEMA and representing artists in Europe and oversea territories. We are operating according to the terms of German GEMA or similar national copyright and performing right societies. The "SONGS & WHISPERS" publishing catalogue is administrated and marketed worldwide by BUDDE MUSIC one of the largest German independent publisher. For details please look up the link above.

“SONGS & WHISPERS” - STUDIO – A professional recording studio which is available for our “SONGS & WHISPERS” - ARTISTS and other clients too. lease look up https://songsandwhispers-studio.com for details.

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Das Musiknetzwerk "SONGS & WHISPERS" arbeitet als Promoter, Buchungsassistent, Label, Verlag und betreibt ein Aufnahmestudio. "SONGS & WHISPERS". "SONGS & WHISPERS" stellt verschiedene Dienste für Künstler*Innen bereit. Bitte finden Sie unten dazu detaillierte Informationen.


"SONGS & WHISPERS" operiert als Buchungsassistent. In Kooperation mit Freunden und Partnern promoten wie Einzelkonzerte und Touren in der ganzen Welt. Das standartisierte Schema, "SONGS & WHISPERS" - CIRCUIT, ist offen für alle Künstler*Innen, individuelle "SONGS & WHISPERS" - PRESENTS-Touren nur für Labelkünstler*Innen. Detailliertere Informationen zu diesen Themen finden Sie unter BOOKING oder LIVE.

Des weiteren fungiert das Musiknetzwerk "SONGS & WHISPERS" als Label. Wir entwickeln Strategien für weltweites Marketing, Promotion, Vertrieb und Lizensierung aller Physischen und Digitalen Formate.
WIr kooperieren mit professionellen Partnern wie BROKEN SILENCE, FINETUNES, ZEBRALUTION und weiteren. Bitte finden Sie unseren Labelkatalog hier

Das Label "SONGS & WHISPERS" lizensiert Musik bei verschiedenen Unternhemen weltweit.

Willkommen in unserem "SONGS & WHISPERS" Shop. Hier können Sie  einzigartige Artikel in unterschiedlichen "SONGS & WHISPERS" Designs erwerben. Bitte nehmen Sie sich Zeit und wählen Sie ihr neues Lieblingsobjekt.

Bitte finden Sie hier unsere "SONGS & WHISPERS" GOOGLE MAP mit nützlichen Informationen.

"SONGS & WHISPERS" kollaboriert mit dem Schwedischen Agenten Peter Holmstedt (www.hemfram.com). Zusammen bieten wir europaweite Öffentlichkeitsarbeit für Labelkünstler*Innen.

"SONGS & WISPERS" ist ein registrierter Verlag bei der deutschen GEMA und represäntiert Künstler in Europa und Übersee. Wir arbeiten gemäß den Richtlinien der deutschen GEMA oder ähnlichen nationalen Copyright und Verwertungsgesellschaften.
BUDDE MUSIC vermarktet und administriert den "SONGS & WHISPERS" Katalog.

Das "SONGS & WHISPERS" Studio ist ein professionelles Aufnahmestudio, dass den "SONGS & WHISPERS" aber auch externen Kunden zur freien Verfügung steht.

Details findet Ihr unter: https://songsandwhispers-studio.com.

Weser Kurier - Review about Tom Corbett @ Kulturhof Heyerhöfen

"S&W" - CIRCUITs in 2016

Please find all "S&W" - CIRCUIT tourdates for 2016 below

Circuit 01/2016 – (01/08/2016 – 01/31/2016) –
Circuit 02/2016 – (02/05/2016 – 02/28/2016) –
Circuit 03/2016 – (03/11/2016 – 04/03/2016) –
Circuit 04/2016 – (04/08/2016 – 05/01/2016) –
Circuit 05/2016 – (05/06/2016 – 05/29/2016) –
Circuit 06/2016 – (06/03/2016 – 06/26/2016) –
Circuit 07/2016 – (07/01/2016 – 07/24/2016) –
Circuit 08/2016 – (07/29/2016 – 08/21/2016) –
Circuit 09/2016 – (09/02/2016 – 09/29/2016) -
Circuit 10/2016 – (09/30/2016 – 10/23/2016) –
Circuit 11/2016 – (10/28/2016 – 11/20/2016) –
Circuit 12/2016 – (11/25/2016 – 12/18/2016) –

If you'd like to get involved, please read our Terms & Conditions first.

Please understand that we can't negotiate these in respect of all artists who toured in the past and will tour in the future. We'll be accepting applications from April 10th onwards ONLY via Reverbnation or our Booking Formular. We're looking forward to listening to your music and getting to know your work!


Cellesche Zeitung: Paul Creane @ "Kunst & Bühne"

Source: Cellesche Zeitung 06/07/2012. Article about a "SONGS & WHISPERS" concert with Paul Creane and the Changing Band @ "Kunst & Bühne"

"S&W" - CIRCUITs in 2015

Please find all CIRCUIT tourdates for 2015 below

Circuit 01/2015(01/09/2015 – 02/01/2015) – Two (2) Slots Available
Circuit 02/2015(02/06/2015 – 03/01/2015) – Two (2) Slots Available
Circuit 03/2015(03/06/2015 – 03/29/2015) – Two (2) Slots Available
Circuit 04/2015(04/10/2015 – 05/03/2015) – Two (2) Slots Available
Circuit 05/2015(05/08/2015 – 05/31/2015) – Two (2) Slots Available
Circuit 06/2015(06/05/2015 – 06/28/2015) – Two (2) Slots Available
Circuit 07/2015(07/03/2015 – 07/26/2015) – Two (2) Slots Available
Circuit 08/2015(08/07/2015 – 08/30/2015) – Two (2) Slots Available
Circuit 09/2015(09/04/2015 – 09/27/2015) – Two (2) Slots Available
Circuit 10/2015(10/02/2015 – 10/25/2015) – Two (2) Slots Available
Circuit 11/2015(10/30/2015 – 11/22/2015) – Two (2) Slots Available
Circuit 12/2015(11/27/2015 – 12/20/2015) – Two (2) Slots Available

If you'd like to get involved, please read our Terms & Conditions first. Please understand that we can't negotiate these in respect of all artists who toured in the past and will tour in the future. 
We'll be accepting applications from April 10th onwards ONLY via Reverbnation or our Booking Formular.

We're looking forward to listening to your music and getting to know your work!



As an independent music promotion agency [ps] promotion offers a full classical media service for print, online, radio and TV.

The media contacts we built up and took care of within the years are the best way to establish your album / your tour in the German and / or European market.

[ps] promotion is going to set up an individual promotional concept for your product. For us music comes first and the journalists we work with know that matter of fact and appreciate it.


1.     The goal is to gain awareness in print, radio, TV and online, offline media

2.     [ps] is approaching radio stations and studios to get radio airplay or studio visits in the tour cities

3.     [ps] is introducing the artist to different media to get press coverage, reviews, interviews

4.     [ps] will try to gain Momentum on the most important websites in Germany

SERVICES: Digital mailing, follow-up calls, reporting

Studio: Also we have an own professional recording studio an offer recordings for soloists, choir and bands.

The agency [ps] promotion is managing the international music network “SONGS & WHISPERS” since January 2009, cooperating with several German and and European and international partners. Its aim is to support the development of musicians and its focus is acoustic music in many different ways: from solo-artists to ensembles the size of an orchestra. The “SONG” in its many forms is the focus of our networking.

Reviews and articles can be found here.

REFERENCES: The Tubes, Climax Blues Band, Daisy Chapman, T.A.S (ex. Tomandsara), Chris Spedding (guitarist of Bryan Ferry), Hugh Cornwell (Ex Stranglers singer), Nektar, Jan Akkerman, Dany Lademachers Wild Romance, ….