Other people collect stamps, we promote artists."SONGS & WHISPERS" is a live - music and artist development network.

The agency [ps] promotion (www.pspromotion-bremen.com) based in Bremen (Germany) is managing the international music network “SONGS & WHISPERS” since 2009.

We are providing market entry opportunities for emerging artists in a close cooperation with several partners worldwide. The network consists of the following departments: Record label,  music publisher, booking agent and tour management services, promoter, PR agent and publicist, production company, photo and video unit and a recording studio with on location services.

We are focussing on acoustic music in many different ways, from solo-artists to ensembles the size of an orchestra. The “SONG” in its many forms is the focus of our networking. Please visit www.songsandwhispers.com for more details, request your customized service solution or contact us via songsandwhispers@pspromotion-bremen.de

"The future is unwritten!" (Joe Strummer / The Clash)


“S&W” – CIRCUIT scheme - Ben Lorentzen (US/ NOR) - “S&W” – CIRCUIT 01/2018 - http://songsandwhispers.blogspot.de/2017/12/songs-whispers-circuit-012017-12012018.html - PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO HERE:

"…I only wish that we would have similar outreach and similar companies here in the United States, Canada, Australia…" Ben Lorentzen (US, NOR) - “S&W” – CIRCUIT client in 01/2018 
Kris Angelis (USA) - "S&W" - CIRUIT 04/2014 & 09/2018 

"I have been so surprised and delighted by the amount of people who come out to the shows because I'm playing - they didn't just happen to be there, they actually saw I was playing, checked out my music, and decided to come to the show! That like...never happens in LA!"

S&W” – RETAINER BOOKING scheme - Paula Cox and Paul Creane (IRL) – http://songsandwhispers.blogspot.de/2018/01/songs-whispers-circuit-032018-01032018.html.  
 "Thank you for your help on the tour.  Highs and lows, as with anything but we met amazing people everywhere we went and on a hugely positive note, I must say that we were treated really well by the hosts of the venues. Thank you for your support and your prompt responses when we needed them! :)” Paula Cox + Paul Creane (IRL) – “S&W” – RETAINER BOOKING client in 03/2018 – 23 day customized tour booked!

Label artist DAISY CHAPMAN (UK) describes her experience with "S&W" here: 


"S&W"- PUBLISHER - Breanna McFarlane, music Curator at Songtradr
“Breanna here from Songtradr. First of all, I wanted to say we are huge fans of your catalog here! We are constantly pitching for various placements including Film, TV, and Ads. Many don't know that aside from Wanteds and Deals - we receive many briefs on a daily basis which we pitch internally from our catalog.”
"S&W" INVITE SCHEME - Dan Israel (USA)

Thank you so, so much for ALL your great work in booking and promoting all of these shows. I know how hard it is to make this all happen (well, at least somewhat, as back in the States I have booked and promoted myself for many years...I don't claim to know everything that goes into what you all do, because I have never run a whole company devoted to such an endeavor as Songs and Whispers, but I have an inkling of how much work goes into it all, and you are to be commended for it)
I want you to know that I truly appreciate you at Songs and Whispers giving me this opportunity to do this tour
I am grateful for it, truly. It has been intense and an amazing experience so far. The vast majority of it has been quite positive. 
"S&W" INVITE SCHEME - Ryan David Orr (USA) (06/2018) 
Ryan made a documentary of his tour across Germany:


"Hi Heiko and Julia!

Hope you are well and that you are having a great start to the New Year!

I have been invited to audition for an international tour that is focused on raising awareness for the importance of art and music in communities. I am very excited! I am going through the application process now. I wanted to ask if it is okay that I list you as a reference for my time working with Songs & Whispers? 
Thank you for offering me such an amazing opportunity, I truly look back on my time in Germany with fondness, and it has led to so many other opportunities for me. I can not thank you enough!

Kelly Harthan 7.12.2018 (toured MONTH 04/2018)


Imprint: "SONGS & WHISPERS" is managed by ..
[ps] promotion, Heiko Grein, Cuxhavener Strasse 7 - 'Stauerei',
D-28217 Bremen, Germany - www.songsandwhispers.com / www.pspromotion-bremen.de / www.dandyland.de), email: songsandwhispers@pspromotion-bremen.de