How to help us promoting your tour

The key to a successful tour is media response. High media attention leads to full venues. But our success promoting your tour is massively depending on what you are providing us with.
So please read these instructions carefully!

1) Please upload all the files required below to our dropbox. We do not accept files by mail.

2) AUDIO: We need at least one professionally recorded song in good quality. Please upload your files in wave and  mp3 in 256kbit only When uploading, please name them according to the folling form:
Circuit_##/year_artistname_songname. Example: Circuit_01/2012_ASeatedCraft_Shell

3) BIO: We need a biography of you as an artist in English as well as in German. If you don't speak any German, we'll translate it for you of course. Make sure it's about 100-200 words long and contains up-to-date information about you. If you have a nice press quote or two about yourself, please paste it in the same file under your bio. Please upload it and name the files after the following form:

4) PHOTO: We need at least one good publicity photo of you in 300dpi and in 96dpi. The pictures should be light and done professionally! Please upload it to our dropbox and name the files after the following form: Circuit_##/year_artistname_pressfoto_highres   resp.   _lowres

In the past, we've experienced that these were good working press fotos, which have been used by the media intensely:


A Seated Craft

Buzzard Lope

This picutre is nice and we really like the idea behind it. But it is way to dark and so it will not be printed by local papers.

5) VIDEO: If you provide us with a quality live and studio video, we might be able to present this is on our www.youtube.com/songsandwhispers channel promoting your shows upfront. Plaese make sure that audio and vieo quality is really good! An example for a quality live video can be found here or here.