"S&W" PRESENTS: Rivers of England (UK) - EP "About Hope" in stores on Friday 30.11.2018

EP"ABOUT HOPE" ("SONGS & WHISPERS" / Broken Silence) will be in stores on 30.11.2018! 
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'Wholesome and finely crafted loveliness'

- BBC Introducing

'...the music here is first class and varied, folk augmented with a tad of Blues, a smidgen of jazz and a whiff of prog rock. It deserves a wide audience.'
- Ian Cripps, Fatea Records Magazine

'Immersive, simple but impressive music that is somehow quintessentially English, there is something quite wholesome, refined and altogether rather sweet about this music and the vocals are completely lovely.'
- Glastonbury Emerging Talent Contest

The EP "About Hope" was recorded live (with only minor overdubs) and the idea behind this EP is to achieve a real live sound that contains imperfections, rather than a studio sound that is overproduced and less emotive. The new original songs were written since an enforced hiatus for the band following the tragic death of Rob’s baby son Joe (the 4th track ‘an endless flow’ is in memory of Joe). Despite the tragedy, the feel of the EP is not mournful but reflects a new positive perspective (Rob and Lou have since had another son, Jasper) and is as the title suggests – about hope.
‘mass deception and corruption’ are listed on the sleeve as an explanation for track 1 (‘get up’) that expresses the frustration of the British press and the lies that endure in the press and distort the public’s perception to the detriment of society.
Track 2 (‘about hope’) explores many subjects with the nautical reference ‘smooth seas do not good sailors make’ meaning that what challenges you makes you stronger. It attempts to offer hope with some autobiographical references.
Track 3 (‘late night, heavy rain, waiting for a train’) is partly inspired by John Martyn’s ‘Man at the station’ and the remote railway station ‘Castle Cary’ in the middle of the Somerset countryside that connects people to Glastonbury Festival. It seeks to encourage people to take risks.
Track 4 (‘an endless flow’) was recorded live in Laverton Church in Somerset, because of the acoustics of the space. The song is in memory of Joe.


"S&W" Festival at Hafen Casino, 19.10.2018

Festival at Hafencasino

This post was written by our intern Marie Luisa Grigull.

On Friday evening 19.October 2018, Songs & Whispers presented a Festival at Hafen Casino, Bremen.It was a very pleasant evening with great artists. There were a lot of people in the small room of the Hafen Casino. Heiko Grein moderated the evening. The owner wanted to retire and close the this restaurant, but Heiko had worked hard to keep Hafen Casino going. His plan worked out, so that this concert is not the last one.

Bild könnte enthalten: eine oder mehrere Personen und Bart
James Houlahan (USA)

James Houlahan from the USA open the festival. He played Songs from his new Album. He enchanted the Public with mouth organ, guitar and his beautiful voice. James Houlahan was touring with Matt Van. AFter this gig, James e drove to Zeven for his second show of the evening.

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Matt Van (USA)

Matt Van took over from James and played touching Songs. His Voice is very pleasent and sensitive. Matt Van told us that he likes Germany very much and is very thankful that he could make a tour throughout Germany.

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Axel Kruse and his band (DE)
After a little break, Axel Kruse played songs from his new album "Fields" with his guitar. Dora and Till accompanied him with their powerful voices. The people were very pleased.
Axel Kruse had his first gig for Songs & Whispers was at the Hafencasino and that was 10 years ago. Since then he had about 100 gigs for Songs & Whispers

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Pi Jacobs (USA)

Pi Jacobs`show was final one of this festival. Pi Jacobs and James Houlahan both come from the same region in Los Angeles. They met that evening after a long time again and that in Germany.   Her Songs goes in the country direction, so it was a successful conlusion. It was a varied concert, that ended after 4 very exciting hours.

Pics and videos taken by Marie Luisa Grigull.


"SONGS & WHISPERS" - MONTH 11/2018 (01.11.2018 - 30.11.2018)


“Instantly captivating.” - The Independent

“Watch this woman, she’ll go far.”
- BBC Introducing

"....manages to accomplish the obscure split between Norah Jones and Beth Orton. “Jealous Angels” has almost the power of a Soap&Skin song."   
 - Rolling Stone Magazine, Germany

"The great part about it is that she can pull back in a delicate manner where just as it approaches fey range, she pushes it back up into powerful registers" - Folkworld
"But the strong storytellers among the singer songwriters do exist!" - Lie in the Sound

"Dan Israel's new 11-song release, You’re Free, is an individual work of musical art a year in the making and solidifies Israel’s standing as one of the country’s best singer/songwriters working today" - No Depression

"For listeners who have not yet heard Dan Israel - he has what so many people don't have: a body of highly acclaimed, amazing work and to get such a thing means that you have to re-create yourself, you have to ride out the vicissitudes with resilience, and he really is consciously and very transparently talking about this stuff that everybody feels." - Peter Himmelman

“Israel's sound falls into the roots rock territory, with hints of Tom Petty, The Jayhawks and Paul Westerberg." - Absolute Powerpop

"After 14 albums, [Dan Israel] is yet to get his due. An artist who possesses exceptional skills when it comes to crafting instantly indelible melodies, he could be considered among the best of today's breed, given his knack for probing the deeper layers of human emotions...a thoroughly engaging set of songs, which, as always, proves both captivating and compelling." - Goldmine


“Ben Lorentzen has it going on in an enormous way!” - Huffington Post
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